Food Freedom: Life After Whole30

Food Freedom: Life After Whole30

Concerned that you’ll return to your old way of eating after the structure and rules of Whole30 are gone? You’ve worked too hard for those NSVs, and you deserve better than that. Healthy eating is the ultimate self-care. You still need to pay close attention to what you eat and how it affects you.

After you complete your Whole30 reset and reintroduction, the next phase is food freedom. This is where you decide what to eat based on your Whole30 reset and reintroduction results. Many people choose to eat “Whole30-ish” after their Whole30. This means relaxing the No added sugar rule – you don’t worry about added sugar in foods like salad dressing, ketchup, or bacon. You may also choose to include foods that had no impact on you during the reintroduction. Then, on a case-by-case basis, when you encounter a food that did have a negative impact, you will need to decide if the consequences of eating the food are “worth it”. Here’s an overview of the Food Freedom 3-Step Plan. 

Click here for the PDF version of the Food Freedom 3-Step Plan

Food freedom looks different for each person. Think about what you want your food freedom to look and feel like. How will you decide if eating a food is worth the negative impact? When deciding, remember your reason for your Whole30 journey and remember your NSVs. Constantly evaluate how the foods you eat impact you. As soon as you notice yourself slipping, go back to a reset and reintroduction.

The people that are most successful with continuing their new healthy habits are those who stay connected to the Whole30 community after they complete the Whole30 program. 

Keep Going – You’ve got this!

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