Food Freedom: In-the-Moment Success Strategies

Food Freedom: In-the-Moment Success Strategies

You rocked your Whole30 and took careful notes during your reintroduction phase. Now you’ve graduated to Food Freedom where you decide what to eat based on what you know about how foods impact you. After all, that’s taking control of the food you eat instead of having it control you. No more giving into cravings because you’re bored or tired. First, we’re not going to associate the words “guilt” and “shame” with eating anymore. Also gone are “cheat”, “fail”, “good” and “bad” when we’re talking about food. You have a new relationship with food. Food is just that, food. No judgement. From here on out, we make choices about the food we eat, fully aware of the potential consequences. We don’t punish ourselves or feel guilty or shame. We don’t cheat. We don’t fail. We choose. This changes everything.

We’re always evaluating the impact of the food we eat and why we’re eating it. Sometimes you’ll decide after eating something with a known negative impact that the consequences really weren’t worth it. No problem, next time you choose differently. This is a new skill that takes practice to develop. Here are some strategies you can use to make the right choice for you in the moment. Use them to help you slow down and deliberately decide whether the food is worth the negative consequences. What’s worth it today may not be tomorrow. Just like no two Whole30 resets or reintroductions are the same, everyone’s food freedom is different. We continually learn and make better decisions over time. Relax, you’ve got this!

Click here for a pdf version of the In-the-Moment Success Strategies.


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