Meat & Seafood Labeling with Butcher Box Unboxing

Meat & Seafood Labeling with Butcher Box Unboxing

I thought I’d share my latest Butcher Box order. I am not associated with Butcher Box in any way and do NOT benefit by mentioning them. I like the quality of the meat – organic, grass-fed, wild-caught, sustainable – all good words to look for when buying animal protein. It’s also convenient. But maybe the best part – they have Whole30 compliant bacon! Even when I’m not on a round, I try to buy high-quality seafood and meat because I want to avoid the hormones and antibiotics that are commonly added, as well as support sustainable, humanely raised animals.

Click here for the Whole30 Good Meat Guide to learn more about meat and seafood labeling.

The video shows what I received with this order, but you can customize your order and they have different add-on specials each time. The meat comes frozen and I keep it in my freezer until I use it – in the video, I say I’m putting it in my refrigerator, but I meant to say freezer.

Another option is and you can get a free month (there’s a subscription fee) plus 25% discount off your first order. They have all types of products, not just meat and seafood, and you can search for Whole30-compliant . items. I am an affiliate so I receive a small commission on your first order only.

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