The Whole30 impacted every aspect of my life. I expected to change the food I ate and hoped it would improve my health (which it did). I had no idea I would have consistently higher energy levels, more confidence, mental clarity and focus, greater optimism, better mood, released 40 pounds and more. One of the greatest changes is that I am in control of the food I eat – it no longer controls me!
I want to guide you through this life-altering experience.

It’s never too late to change your food and your life. If not now, when?

About Me

The Whole30 program transformed my life and allowed me to find true “food freedom” after struggling for decades with losing weight. Changing life-long thoughts and habits around food is difficult. Therefore, guidance and encouragement are essential – from planning and preparing for a first Whole30 to reintroduction to eventual food freedom. I specialize in helping others develop time-saving, sustainable healthy habits. Using locally sourced foods, I enjoy creating Whole30 recipes with my daughter, a chef experienced in farm-to table and California cuisine. I also enjoy tennis, yoga, and travel, especially visiting my son in NYC. 

I’m glad you’re here!

Coach Brenda, MEd, MS

Whole30 Certified Coach
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach
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